We are Youth Plus Policy Network Uganda also known as YOUTHPLUS.

We are a collective of youth organisations, groups and supporters, working to galvanize a movement of people who support a better shared vision for the youth in Uganda.

We work to empower and connect youth so that they can be active in the communities where they live and work.

In order to achieve our mission, we create safe and brave spaces for young people to engage on issues that affect them at the community, national and global level. 

We empower them with knowledge, information and facilitate them to access adequate services as well as productive resources, such as land, finance, digital and other technology related resources, both in rural and urban areas;


Founded in 2005, we are a pioneer policy and action centered youth organization in Uganda that has made a mark on youth work and aspirations of Ugandan youth. Ours is a history of building capacities, mentoring and calling for collective action for the youth and by the youth.

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Our Work..

We work through four interlinked strategies including Knowledge Management , Engagement, Participation and Advocacy, Inspiring and Cultivating Leaders, and Catalysing Solutions.

We put our “Boots on Ground’, building capacity and promoting connections to vital resources like information, jobs, social services, finance and markets for the youth.

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Our work is guided by the frameworks and conventions of the United Nations including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and as well as the policies and frameworks of the Government of Uganda including the National Development Plan (NDPIII) and Vision 2040.


We are integrating tech into our work and our teams are out and about developing tech-based solutions to tackle society problems driven and informed by the local context.

We are now developing SENGA 2.0 a tech-based solution to tackle issues faced by youth to access SRHR information and services.

For more information email: info@youthplusug.org

How we work

Knowledge Management and Innovation

We strengthen
production and
systems; we are a credible source of
expertise on youth
development and

Engagement, Participation and Advocacy

Amplify youth voices for the promotion
of a peaceful, just and sustainable world

Leadership Development

We train, mentor and support youth leaders across private, public and civil society sectors

Catalysing Solutions

We support youth to develop and pilot initiatives and models that aim at solving societal problems.

Our partners

Since our inception our work has been funded and supported by agencies from civil society, development partners and public agencies.

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Get in Touch.

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P.O. Box 498000 Entebbe Uganda, East Africa

Buzzi Cell, Buzzi Road, Off Entebbe Road

Namulanda- Akright Area

Tel: +256-393-240-762